Lightweight PHP library that provides several modules are would be useful in any web application and a module loading system.

Project Information


This library was developed in order to add a sensible module loading system to PHP that matches typical object oriented class and module loading systems, and was also developed to have a small object oriented standard library to improve existing functionality of PHP, or as the name suggests, make certain elements more consistent and tidy.


  • Module/class loading system
  • Object oriented cookie interface
  • OO session management
  • String class
  • MySQLi wrapper and generalised database interface
  • Debugging module
  • Error handling module
  • Object oriented file uploads, get and post access
  • Object oriented file and directory access
  • Layout handling module
  • Language and locale module
  • Logging module
  • All modules have exception based error handling with descriptive messages

Implementation Details

Since this project is a simple PHP library it uses only PHP. Git is used for the source control.


CleanPHP files generated from GitHub on 22nd June 2013.

External Links

All Source and documentation available here.