Finance Web+

Finance management website developed for Warwick Student Union finance division to replace existing paper based system.

Project Information


This project is the result of my 4th year group project. The purpose of the project was to replace existing, inefficient, paper based, systems within the University of Warwick Student Union Finance department that often lead to errors, delays or inconsistencies in student society accounts.

The project team had three members in which we adopted the Scrum methodology. My role was the lead developer and Scrum master.


During this project we had to interface with existing software in order to gather existing accounts data, then collate it into useful reports and information, while maintaining a database of interactions with our system and the reports generated by users.

A permissions system, and user system, had to be created in order to facilitate secure access to account data and requests for payments or money.

More detailed information can be found in the Project Specification.

Implementation Details

The techologies that I worked with on this project were:
  • PHP 5.4
  • MySQLI 5
  • JQuery 1.8
  • RedBean ORM
Mercurial was used for the source control.


The Dashboard that student society executives will see upon logging in.


Source code and instructions for installation.

This document was written largely by a team member, but is useful for giving context to the project.