Nature Overhaul

A popular Minecraft Mod that made the nature in Minecraft come alive.

Project Information


I felt that the static nature of Minecraft meant that the world felt flat, and decided that the natural elements of the game, like the trees, should grow and spread naturally. I created this mod using the Minecraft Coder Pack (MCP) to decompile the source, then injected my edited version back into the game.

The mod grew in popularity as a popular game mechanic altering modification, gaining tens of thousands of downloads. I eventually stopped development due to the increasing time cost of maintaining a growing Minecraft mod.


This mod used the existing Minecraft flora and world rules, such as Biomes, to create a dynamic environment. Each type of flora in Minecraft has a corresponding seed or block entity which I made adult flora emit at intervals that depended on the health of the plant, such as whether it currently resides in it's natural biome. For example trees flourished in wetter and warmer areas, while they would not be able to grow effectively in drier, hotter deserts.

The end result of the mod was that forests would grow, shrink, migrate and sometimes one type of plant would gain domination over another in an area. It also led to a world that felt more alive.


Note that in the current version of Minecraft, which is incompatible with this now abandoned project, some of these features are now implemented by default. This mod also used an API also created by me which allowed for players to inject custom items into the Minecraft options menu, which was called ModOptionsAPI or MOAPI.
  • Plants and trees grow, spread and die based on biome
  • Lumberjack means axes will cut down the entire tree at once, including the leaves
  • Apples drop from trees in temperate biomes
  • Cocoa falls from trees in forests
  • Bonemeal will make all types of plants and fauna grow
  • Biome based growth rates
  • Moss and grass spread
  • An option to return old, infinite, fire behaviour (Misc Options)
  • A fix to water physics preventing strange currents in the sea
  • Mushrooms now grow naturally into mushroom trees given room.
  • Nether Wart grows and dies like other plants
  • Nature Overhaul can check for updates for itself automatically.

Implementation Details

This modification used the following technologies:
  • Java JDK 6
  • Minecraft Beta
  • Minecraft Coder Pack (MCP)
  • Mod Options API (my own Minecraft API)
Git was used for the source control.

External Links

GitHub page containing the source for the mod.

Link to original post where the project was advertised and discussed.


Trailer I created to promote Nature Overhaul in Minecraft.