A simple paddleball game (similar to Atari's Pong) created in C++.

Project Information

This game is a simple paddleball game that is written in C++ using OpenGL 2. It is the first video game I created and was intended as a learning exercise.


This game is a simple Paddleball game with no goal state. Either player may continue playing until a personal target. The player may play against an AI, or can even let an AI control both players.


  • Local multiplayer
  • Texturing
  • Sound
  • Per player scoring

Implementation Details

This project makes use of the following technologies: Git was used for the source control.


The Paddle ball title screen displaying possible options.

Paddleball controls formatted in a table for the second player column.

In game screenshot showing the two paddles competing to score highest.


A snapshot of the code and binaries. Run game from /bin/paddleball(.exe)


A video demonstrating the gameplay of this Paddleball game.